Choosing one of the be st maritime firms is one of the most important and most difficult decisions of a Shipman's maritime life. The most high-wage maritime company in the first place for a sailor is the best maritime company. The work you will find below is the most comprehensive market research made in the […]


Seasick Seasick, due to digestive disorder, is an unpleasant discomfort, some sailors and sea passengers are seen. Animals can also catch seasick. Even fish are included.      As is known, the balance of the body is provided in the inner ear. The equilibrium fluid in the inner ear is the task of providing our […]


Shipowners Maritime term. The status of an arator. Shipbuilding business, ship Management meaning, Description: shipowner: Merchant ship owner. Stat us: A form of name-descendants that determines the relationship between the words and the verbs with each other. Posture, position, attitude. All the conditions in which something is happening, status, status, location, position. Where the individual […]


What is VHF?  VHF (Very High Frequency) is the name of the radio waves between 30 and 300MHz. Some radio, television broadcasts or radio broadcasts are performed using this frequency band. Apart from these, there are many technical uses such as radio modems, amateur stations, air traffic control and so on. How much coverage? In […]


I'm on the edge of a cliff, and I'm in the middle of a Burdened Beamber castle. Big-fat Step calls I stayed at my fingertips A dimly-enough wind Ha pushed me. Ready on the edge of the cliff Chris Ready Divan Ready Ferman is ready The victim is ready. The boundary that beauty has stolen […]


What is freight? For goods transported by sea and river, the cost of shipping to the ship company is called Freight. The freight charge will be accrued according to an official tariff or contract. Depending on the delivery shape, the freight may belong to th e seller or buyer. Freight Prepaid (Freight Payable At Destination/Freight […]

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